Senior and Hospital visitation

Hospitals are essential institutions, but not people’s favorite places to be! Let us help to bring care, a smile, and encouragement (and if needed, kosher food) with Chabad-Lubavitch's spirit and warmth!

The Sages teach that when one visits the sick one sixtieth of the illness is removed. As one of the greatest acts of kindness and selflessness we learn this Mitzvah from G‑d Himself when the Torah relates his visit to our Forefather Abraham on the third day of his circumcision.

On a weekly basis or upon request a visit to an elder person or to a patients at the hospital or the Nursing home whether affiliated or not, to cheer them up, and offer any other assistance that might be needed. can really light up their day.

To arrange a visit or if you know of anyone who would welcome a visit click here to send an e-mail or call us +352 26 25 93 16.

By sending us the Hebrew names of the patients we are able to request a blessing "Mi-Sheberach" of healing at the Torah reading on Shabbat, and to ask for a blessing at the Rebbe's Ohel.