Hand Baked Shmurah Matzah

Available through the Beth Chabad-Lubavitch.

Cost: 25€ for one Kilo (13-15 Matzahs)
Click Here to contact us and reserve your Matzah, or call 26 25 93 16.

About Matzah:

Matzah: is a bread made of dough from wheat, barley, oats, spelt or rye, that was baked within 18 minutes from the moment the flour was mixed with water. This dough had no time to ferment, and it does not rise.

Shmurah-Matzah: is a matzah baked from flour that was carefully guarded from dampness, from the moment of harvest. Ordinary matzah flour is only guarded from dampness, from the time it is milled. Shmurah-Matzah is the preferred matzah for Pesach, especially for the Seder nights.

Hand-Baked Shmurah-Matzah: is the best matzah with which to fulfill the mitzvah of the Seder. Unlike machine matzah, which is shaped square, the hand-baked matzah is round.

Why Hand-Baked?

Baking matzah is a mitzvah. The matzah must be kneaded, rolled, and baked by a mature Jewish adult, who bakes it with the specific intention of using the matzah for the Seder. An automatic machine operation cannot introduce thought and intention into the baking; the genuine mitzvah is only fulfilled in a hand operation. The cost of hand-baked Matzah-Shmurah is greater than machine matzah, but it is well worth it!! 

Available in Luxembourg!

Hand Baked Shmurah Matzah is available through the Beth Chabad-Lubavitch. Click Here to contact us and reserve your Matzah or call 26 25 93 16.