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Ever question G‑d?
Do you find G‑d difficult to believe in?
How can the knowledge of G‑d bring you happiness?

Tanya’s cosmology will allow you to understand the ideas upon which the greatest Jewish thinkers build a philosophy of life, that enable them to grapple with the most difficult circumstances.

Often when tragedy hits, people feel forsaken by G‑d. How did Jews throughout the centuries maintain their faith in the face of persecution?

Encounter a spiritual dimension of Judaism with the study of the Tanya, presented in a most fascinating fashion.

The Tanya written by Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, the book of Tanya is the fundamental, classic work of Chabad Chasidic philosophy. More importantly, it offers guidance for every facet of day-to-day life. While based on the kabbalistic works of the Zohar, writings of Rabbi Isaac Luria (Arizal), Baal Shem Tov, Maharal of Prague and others - its unique approach of distilling the cryptic messages of mysticism has won its acclaim as a most practical book of spirituality for layman and scholar alike.

This class will lead the student through every paragraph and page, illuminating the mystical, often allusive, Talmudic, Kabbalistic, and Scriptural verses and concepts. It will be fascinating for expert and novice alike and no prior background knowledge is necessary.

Some Topics Discussed in Tanya... The Ten Sefirot ~ Garments of the Soul ~ Free Choice ~ Why do Bad Things Happen to Good People ~ Love & Fear of G‑d ~ Self-Sacrifice ~ Spiritual Schizophrenia ~ Kavanah ~ The Divine Soul & The Animal Soul ~ Reward & Punishment ~ Ego & Humility ~ Love ~ Thought versus Deed ~ Depression & Negativity ~ Joy ~ The Spiritual Psyche ~ Unity of G‑d ~ Generational Decline ~ The Tzaddik ~ Men & Women ~ Tzimtzum ~ The Spiritual Worlds.