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The community of Jlux already has more than 300 members (Dec; 2009)! 
This link between young (.... and not so young)  is a great success and we congratulate you in being one of the links in the chain that connects our community.

This new milestone is an opportunity to recap the rules to follow when sending mail on the Jlux group:

  1. Remember that your message will be sent to more than 300 email boxes!
  2. Send only news concerning members. That is, it must involve the Jewish Community and be a associated to Luxembourg.
  3. Do not send messages that are in conflict with authentic Judaism.
  4. Before sending any information, do your own complete investigation, and check your sources! Whether it is a warnings or any other info, check before sending.
  5. No public questioning or personal attacks against members of Jlux. No message with political connotations, racist, etc..
  6. Do not post in the name of a person who is not a member of Jlux.

Thank you for making Jlux alive
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